Mach Improv - 2/1 - Hosted by Seeking Heatseekers!

11:00 pm - 02/01/2018

@ The Clubhouse

1107-A El Centro
Los Angeles CA  90038

Mach 2/1

Mach Improv is: Four brand new improv teams, selected at random, each week. A cast of 30+ amazing performers + guests + up-and-comers = fun improv. Each week a new cast member hosts. Free Beer!

Mach Improv - 2/1 - hosted by Seeking Heatseekers!

Team 1

Patrick Poslin
Joan Ford
Skander Halim
Kenneth Arthur
Dennis Curtlett
Liz Reichelt
Zander Frost
Ann Maddox

Team 2

Benjamin Apple
Zach Olsen
Garret Palm
Clark Canez
Robin Higgins
Rachel Chapman
Mia Schauffler

Team 3

Stephen Sanow
Ruha Taslimi
Oscar Montoya
Mary Anthony
Allyn Pintal
Max Lasser
Conner McCabe

Team 4

Rachel Van Ness
Cara Meyers
Matt Manser
Jessica Svendsgaard
Nicole Villela
Annabel Seymour
Joe Fahey

Saagar Shaikh, Andrew Young, Meg Joh, Anna Salinas, Nikhil Deshpande, Jeremy Schmidt, Jane Kim, Cristina Berkeley, Natalie D'Amico, Alan Santiago, Lizz Adams

Venmo @joefahey to keep the show alive

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