Child Shield, USA - How To Protect Your Children

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Child Shield, USA - How To Protect Your Children

Our first line of defense is with education. We offer monthly brochures called "The Shield" for parents. Inside you will find tips on how to educate children of the dangers of predators.

You will also get all the newest information on techniques used by child predators, and instructions for how to create a strong action plan if your child were to ever go missing. In the event that a child does go missing, Child Shield USA will respond IMMEDIATELY.

Members of Child Shield USA will receive our patent-pending Emergency Response System. Upon notification, your child's photo and video can be distributed to local, state, and federal authorities within minutes of your child's disappearance.

Next, that information will be given to local, regional, and national media outlets. Child Shield USA will then post a $50,000 reward for any information leading to the return of your child, and the capture of their abductor.

We also provide a Private Investigator to work specifically on your case, all at no extra cost to you.

This is all the wonderful safety you get for only $199 to start keeping your children safe and only $15 a month to keep your family educated and safe.

$60,000 Plus Comprehensive Child Protection Program Includes:

(All of the items listed below apply to every child.)

$50,000 REWARD
- Reward is immediately posted for maximum attention and awareness to recovery your missing child

- A licensed investigator is immediately dispatched from a database of over 3500 in the United States and over 70 foreign countries. A minimum of $2500 in services is provided with no set maximum.
Value: $4000-$8000 for the first week.

- Hundreds of videos can be duplicated and distributed immediately to our database of over 16,000 agencies nationwide.
Value: Over $4000

- Hundreds of color posters can be duplicated and distributed immediately to our database of over 16,000 agencies nationwide. In addition, 1000 color posters can be sent to you for local distribution.
Value: Over $4000

- Informational book. This book is included at no additional cost. It gives insight into the tricks and techniques that child predators use or may have already used to gain access to you and/or your children.

- Every month you receive, "The Shield", child safety publication. This item reminds you to talk with your child and gives you topics to talk about. There is also a pull-out page for your child with puzzles and coloring. We also keep you updated on the latest, "Tricks and Techniques", child molesting predators are using to catch your child and you, off-guard. This publication is the only, ongoing, educational program available to Child Shield, U.S.A. parents that reinforces our guaranteed program. Many parents have quoted, "The Shield publication alone is worth the investment".

The following items are part of the Comprehensive Child Safety Program. You will receive the following items for each of your children:
"Guide To Safer Children"

This guide will help you learn ways to reduce your children's risks of becoming lost or missing. Being ignorant to this problem will not protect your child, education will.

"Play It Safe" Coloring Book
- Full size coloring & activity book makes learning about safety fun for children of all ages.

"Safety Seven" Poster
- Specially designed to help your children learn and remember the Seven Rules for Safety. Great for bedroom, den, or playroom.
"How To Video Your Child"

Simple step-by-step directions show you the proper way to shoot an effective identification video.

"What To Do If Your Child Is Missing"
- Time is critical when a child is missing. Learn what to do, and when to do it.

Secret Identification Code Labels
- A vital part of our service, assuring your privacy and the privacy of your child. Only you will know the secret number which links the video to your child.

Pre-addressed Video Mailer
- Protects your video during shipping and helps ensure its safe arrival at Child Shield, U.S.A.T.

Missing Child Report
- Of course, we hope you never need to use this. But if you should, it will help you to compile the information needed by both the police and Child Shield, U.S.A™ to help you search for your missing child.

Wallet/Purse Response Packet
- Tucks away neatly inside wallet or purse and allows activation of the Child Shield, U.S.A™ missing child recovery service even when you're away from home.

Complete Instructions
- Everything you need to know to get the most out of this package and the Child Shield, U.S.A™ service.
Patent Pending Serial Number 60/895,604

The Child Shield, U.S.A™ program is so unique and effective, it is the only missing child prevention program that has a US Patent Pending. If you are going to spend even a minute talking with your child, shouldn't you use the only program proven to work.

Value of the program: Priceless is the only "GUARANTEED" program "PROVEN" to prevent your child from going missing. 100% response and recovery rate.

Child Shield USA reduces the alarming number of lost, missing, abducted, and runaway children in America through the use of two invaluable tools:

1. Our comprehensive central source of information on methods, products, and services known as "Education f

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