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Potty Training

Some tips to make potty training works

Potty training is one of the most important things for children since this will keep them and the house clean. If a child is trained well, everything will be easier for a mother like me because I will not get frustrated to clean the mess that could happen anytime and anywhere in the house. For cleanliness purpose, I have an intention to train my little child so that she can do her potty in the proper place. Some of potty training tips that I implement to my little girl are as follows.

Think about the age first

Before I start potty training my child, I consider her age whether she is ready or not. I start the training when she is 2 years old. I think this is the right time to start because she start to understand what I say. I introduce the training to her in a very simple words so she could remember and get what I mean. Keeping any of her good attitude would be very good start for the training.

Get the equipment for the training

In doing a toilet training, the first thing to prepare is a comfort potty chair. This chair will become the spot where she will do the potty during the training. I put the chair in the toilet and show her how to use by taking her to the toilet every time I use it. She copies what I do in the toilet giving me certain sign that my child start to understand what is the training all about. Now, she can do the potty business in her potty chair although sometimes she makes accident which is fine.

Give her incentives

Every time my child does the right thing that is doing her potty business in the potty chair, I give her certain reward or incentive. This kind or reward is very effective to encourage her to do right things. This makes everything easier because she has certain goal to get the reward. The reward is not always as things, this could be a praises, hugs and kisses. I’m very happy that the training could go well and my child gives her best understanding about it.

Finally, those simple tips can be followed by every mother for potty training boys or potty training girls that they have. All it needs is patience to guide the child to do the right things in doing potty so that the cleanliness of the house is kept well.

Keys for success potty training

I have a little boy and I wonder when to start potty training for him because I think he is old enough to have such training. I have some plans to keep my little boy on a potty training so that he will be able to do potty in the designated place. I know that this might take quite long time before he is independent and do everything in the toilet by himself.

Some people say that mothers can do the potty training in 3 days. But I think, 3 day potty training will not be enough to make him independent. There many things to do and these cannot be done in three days. However, I need to set the plans and easy guides for him so that he could understand the potty training that I try to make him understand. I follow some expert keys on how to potty train so that I will get my expectation from the potty training.

A potty chair

If there is a question “how to start a potty training?”, the answer will be “get a potty chair”. This is the first thing that I take into consideration before starting the training. This will become the “place” where my little child does his potty. This chair is specially designed for children for potty training purposes. I choose the most interesting one so that my child will get interested to use it. I also consider the comfort and safety of the chair so that my child will use it safe.

A new habit

After getting the potty chair, I always take my little boy every time I use the toilet. I place the potty chair in the toilet so that he will think that potty business should be done in the toilet. This is very important to keep such thought in my child’s mind so that he will get used to it easier. Every time my little boy does the potty in the toilet, I praise and kiss him as such reward. This works for him that he does the potty business in his potty chair since then.

However, I need several months to make it works. Potty training needs time and the mother’s patience. Sometimes my little child resists it that make me think that he might be not ready yet and should take a break. I will repeat the routine in several weeks after he is more ready. I do this cycle for three times before my little boy is trained well. Now, he always do the potty in the proper place and I can say that the training works.

Some treatment for bedwetting

I have a 5-year-old boy who is still wake up wet in the morning. From some information that I read, this kind of attitude is called nocturnal enuresis or often called as bed wetting. This makes me wonder what is enuresis and what kind of treatment that can help him to stop it. Although it is common for children under school age who experience it, I would like to have certain treatment for my son so that he can be dry all night long.

Although enuresis nocturna is often experienced by children, some children will not any treatment because they are always dry at night. However, there are some treatment that I can try on my son so that he will not do any bedwetting at night.

Restrict the drink before bed time

The first enuresis treatment that I do in my son would be restricted his drinking intake before going to sleep. Although this cannot cure the bed wetting, this habit can help my son not to pass his urine at night. I do not do any activities that can cause him thirsty just before going to bed. I also take him to the toilet before going to sleep to reduce the enuresis or bedwetting at night. And I think, this treatment is very effective to help him to reduce his bedwetting habit.

Try to make him understand

At this age, I think he can understand my explanation for not getting wet at night. I make the explanation that the body will give certain signal at night when it wants to pass the urine. If this happens, he needs to get up and go to the toilet to do it, not on the bed and wet everything. I encourage him to do it in the toilet by giving him explanation that he should not afraid of anything at night. I let him to wake me up when he wants to go to the toilet and it makes him relieve that he wants to do it.

Reward his good job

When my son stay dry at night, I always praise him by giving him a kiss or a hug. I also create a reward table to record any good attitude that he has done so that he gets more encouraged. After some time, my son can stay dry at night without any accidents of enuresis or bed wetting. This is very good thing that should be rewarded. I’m very happy that the simple treatment that I do works for him to stop bedwetting at night.

Bed wetting solutions

The mess caused by bedwetting always becomes morning routine that I need to handle in my little girl’s room. This is one of my daughter attitudes that I need to solve because I think she is old enough to stay dry at night. The question for this now would be “how to stop bedwetting” because I still not able to determine the right treatment for her. The following steps might be very useful to start the treatment towards bed wetting that she experiences sometimes.

Consult it with a pediatrician

The first thing that I will do to start the treatment to stop her bedwetting would be consult it to a pediatrician. She will figure what causes her bed wetting whether the cause is common that my daughter is not ready yet or other causes. She will help me by giving me some suggestions to solve it and help me to record my daughter’s progress. From her diagnosis, it is caused by the delay of the bladder control at night and it is very normal. Small treatment of new habit will help my daughter to keep her dry during the night without wetting the bed.

Encourage her to use the toilet before bed time

After consulting the problem, I start the treatment by taking her to the bathroom everytime she want to go to bed. This will be very helpful because this can be one of effective ways to stop her to wet the bed at night when she is sleeping. By going to the bathroom before sleeping, this will make the bladder has less filling so that this can hold the urine during the night. Additionally,it is important to appreciate my daughter when she does not wet the bed in the morning. This will be very good encouragement that will keep her good habit.

Consider a bedwetting alarm

However, my daughter still makes accidents sometimes that she could not wake up to pass the urine in the bathroom. To solve it, I consider a bedwetting alarm as the treatment to solve the problem. This alarm will wake her when the bladder is full and she needs to go to thebathroom. This is very effective to stop bedwetting because the alarm will detect the sign that she needs to empty thebladder. This means that she will not wet the bed no more bacause of the sound of the alarm. She will wake up at night when it is the time to pass the urine.

Potty training tips for boys and girls at www.pottytrainingchild.com. All the necessary resources for potty training and bed wetting.

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