The Children's Bill of Rights

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The Children's Bill of Rights

Dear Friends,
Please help us end child maltreatment. Children who are routinely yelled at, witness parents arguing, are belittled, ignored, or threatened by their parents can develop lifelong emotional wounds as damaging as those caused by physical or sexual abuse. Psychological maltreatment is harder to spot than other types of abuse, and It Is under-reported.
There is no one definition of what constitutes this type of abuse, but it ranges from chronically humiliating or ridiculing a child, bullying,
To leaving an infant alone in a crib all day, except for feeding and changing. Psychological abuse is so insidious, and is not as easily recognized by the victim or other family members. If you see someone getting beaten, we aria know it is against the law. It's demarcated as illegal and very unhealthy. Some of these other thins are a little more slippery. If there is no bruising physically, it's harder to be convinced there is abuse. Public awareness is a key element in the fight against child abuse:
Our work with maltreated youth reveals that phenomenon develop, phenomenon’s that must be understood to effectively help them. Victims of this type of mistreatment distrust authority, fear retribution or suffer from psychological manipulation
That causes them to divert blame away from the perpetrators of the abuse or neglect. They often adopt self-destructive Lifestyles have relationship difficulties, addiction issues and other curable problems.
Presenting children 's rights to adults abused as children, has proven to be their first opportunity to address the damage from their past. A bill of rights that speaks to kids empowers them them 10 advocate tor the neglected or abused amongst them.
Lifestyles have relationship difficulties, addiction issues and other curable problems.
Presenting children 's rights to adults abused as children has proven to be their first opportunity to address the damage From Their past. A bill of rights that speaks to kids empowers them to advocate for the neglected or abused amongst them.
Young people most often know what is going on amongst their peers. We know that a bill of rights for young people is
Necessary. Troubled youth must be taught a pathway out of conflicts and challenges. Introducing young people to there
American family through a bill of rights will give young citizens a road out of destructive situations and hurtful relations is.
The Children 's Bill of Rights Isa warranty, written guarantee to young people, guaranteeing the rights of children (ROC).
We want to ensure that all children grow up in safe, healthy environments and have access to the best education possible so
They may be prepared to meet their full potential. Our young people are our greatest resources, and by protecting and
Nurturing them, w~ assure their lone-term health and ~prosperity. We're announcing a national campaign for a Children 's Bill
of Rights. Developing educational products to be distributed across the nation is our mission. Civic lesson plans, health and
Welfare education centered by a bill of rights for young people. Engaging young citizens in healthy educational activities is
Our common goal. Preventing violence in or communities requires partnership and resolve. Thank you. Thank you for taking
A lead children s rights. Can we place link for you on our website?
Our first priority is to promulgate .a Children’s Bill of Rights. The Mayor's of Rancho Mirage and Palm Desert, and the
Entire city councils, gave proclamation of children 's rights on May 23, 2012 and August 26, 2012. We now present it to your office. Young people need the guidance of a bill of rights. Our second priority is to create an on-line library resource to Ensure children's rights. We are local organization with a national vision. This Bill of Rights is a living document and we
Invite teacher, student participation, to amend this document.
Thank you for your interest and support for our organization. We are a non-profit organization and your support is Important to our goal of Eradicating child maltreatment, creating peaceful communities. Contact us with your ideas/concerns at: We will keep you and your office informed of all developments related to children's
Rights. Uphold, Secure, and Keep, lmproving. Defending, Support, Rights of Children is Once again, thank you for your devotion to young people in our communities.
George Huffman, Jr
P.S. Please forwards our message to all teachers/education staff!

501 (c) (3) Child advocates, public charity, guaranteeing children's rights, IRS Tax ID#99-0372234

The foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world is advanced by fundamental protections of children’s rights. Children are the basic component of the human family with inalienable rights. The People of the United States understand that the existence of children’s rights help secure peaceful neighborhoods and communities, deter gangs and related aggression, promote the rule of law, combat crime, prevent cultural shame and strengthen the democracy. A pattern of negligence for children’s rights has resulted in crimes that outrage the conscience of the citizens of America. It is essential that children have rights protected by a rule of law, rights that speak to them on their level, to promote a standard of treatment and care.

The People of the United States have faith in fundamental children’s rights and the equal worth of all children. We have determined by granting rights to all children will cause social progress and improve standards of living in freedom. All states and territories pledge to achieve respect and observance for fundamental children’s rights, with a common understanding of these rights being the greatest importance for the full realization of this pledge.

Therefore Congress and Senate of the United States of America must pass into existence by joint resolution as a common standard for treatment and care of children for all America. A guarantee for every individual of our society that keeps this resolution in mind is that our democracy will become attractive to other world nations. We shall advance our own democracy by teaching and education that promotes respect for these rights by progressive means, to secure their universal and effective recognition and observance, both among the people of the United States of America and all territories under our control, now comes The Children’s Bill of Rights.


All children are equal without distinction of any kind; such as race, color, sex, language, religion, nationality or social history, wealth, birth right or any other status.


All children have the right to a scholastic education

To prevent children from suffering in silence. If you are an adult and your rights were violated as a child, you may have low self-esteem, addiction problems, troubled relationships, compulsive behaviors or other treatable disorders. Please reach

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